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  • First Thursday of April – 6:00 Social Hour – 7:00 Power of 100 Event 
  • First Thursday of October – 6:00 Social Hour – 7:00 Power of 100 Event
  • Location of meeting will be announced one month prior to the meeting via Facebook page, web page, and e-mail. 
  • Each member will purchase their own drink(s) and/or meal at their own expense. This is not part of the $100 donation. 
  • Each of nominated nonprofits will have an opportunity to make up to a 10 minute presentation. 
  • Members present will vote for their choice to win the Impact Award. 
  • Votes are tallied with the majority nonprofit being the winner.  


  • Each member writes their check for $100 to the chosen nonprofit (no cash). After the meeting, checks will go to the winner of the Impact Award. 
  • No money goes through our group.  
  • If you can’t be present at a meeting, make your check payable to the winning nonprofit and mail within 7 days to Nancy Foley. 

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