Making a DIFFERENCE (and having fun) in River Falls, WI

Power of 100 Women, River Falls, WI held its first Impact Meeting in April, 2018. Our meetings, held twice a year, occur at The River Falls Golf Course. Our membership has exploded to nearly 200 women since our inception!

Membership is SIMPLE: Meet twice a year, and agree to donate $100 at each meeting.

We have FUN: We socialize, enjoy drinks, appetizers, and make new community connections.

We are IMPACTFUL: Our donations amount to nearly $15,000, which means this group of women puts almost $30,000 into our community every year! Since 2018, Power of 100 Women, River Falls, has donated approx. $180,000 to local nonprofits!

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Our Meetings:

The Power of 100 Board reviews applications and chooses 3 nonprofits to present. These 3 nonprofits compose a 10 minute presentation for our Impact Meeting. The women that are present (virtually or in-person) vote for one nonprofit to win the Impact Award. The nonprofit with the most votes wins $100 from every woman in our organization.

Because our membership is generous, the 2 nonprofits that were not chosen to be the Impact Award winner almost always receive a large sum of money in the form of donations!

A breakdown of nonprofits and money received: